Saturday, February 9, 2013


Skin: Curio Mardi Gras - Petal Frex - Pure 1 
Hair: Tableau Vivant ~ Loire Hair - Dark Brown 4
Eyes: Ikon 'Sunrise' Eyes - Light Arabian Blue

[Mock] Riot Grrrl Dimples (not available?)
[Mock]Lip Primer - Nude No. 2
[Mock] Mizu Black Currant Lipgloss (2)
[Mock] Finn Indifference [Rouge Special lip] (Regular Indifference eyeshadow is available)
[Mock] Lovely lilac Mock Nails
Teeth: [Mock] Parted Teeth (past group gift)

Top/Leggings/Boots: [Sakide] In the Army Outfit
Skirt: Miel Cargo Skirt Bright (fatpack) (Fifty Linden Friday)

I took the photos at an art project - The Tower.  This project is actually back for a second time after having such success the first go around.  I've not explored all of it but what I have seen is truly amazing - worth checking out.
You can find it in world through the destination guide or by clicking here

Friday, December 28, 2012


I've been in love with silver lately so threw this look together today - hopefully since the holidays are about over I'll have more time to post as well.

Skin: AL Vulo - Elonar Sons of Flowers (Group Gift)
Hair: Lelutka Vent Hair - Praline Christmas Group Gift
Eyes: Ikon Sunrise Eyes in Light Arabian Blue
Makeup: [Mock] L'eau Red Oxide Lip 2 Gloss, [Mock] Dark Night Nails
Dress: Cynful Combi Dress in Grey (TDR Fusion)
Shoes: Whatever Mika Group Gift ($400 Entry)
Choker: Adoness Snowflake Hunt ($1)
Nose Piercing: Earthstones YingYang - Silver -Nomination Celebration Giftie
Bracelet: DRD Studded Bracelet

Monday, December 17, 2012

Rocker Chick

Skin: Modish - Gia [Crema] Cleavage
Eyes: Ikon Eternal Eyes - Peak
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Loire Hair - Brown 1 (Colabor88!)
Makeup: [Mock] Micare Glipper (Russian Red)
Nails: [Mock] Dark Night Mock Nails
Shirt: Jane Mesh Jacket - Black (Fi*Friday)
Pants: [Sakide] (Part of outfit) Rock Me Out Jeans with Fishnet
Boots: Whatever - Mika - Black [Silver] (Fi*Friday)

This place was great - the equipment requires you to join the group but it's mega fun to work with the stuff and it's totally free.  I also highly encourage everyone to drop some linden into the donation jars, let's help keep this place going!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Love as a Verb

In light of recent events in Connecticut  and all of the tragedies in the past world over. I've seen all kinds of discussions from religious to anti religious, to law enforcement and parenting, everyone has an opinion and everyone has an idea that will work better than what we are doing.

But whose DOING?

An admission here - I've spent years being angry and bitter that the world 'did me wrong'.  I've been hostile and negative and yelled and screamed that something should be done to end abuse, to end poverty, to end the stigma of the mentally ill.. But I was really only part of the problem.  I was mean and hostile and even abusive at times - and I didn't like myself because of it.

I don't want to be part of the problem.  I can say all day that I want peace, that I want the world to revolve on love - but unless I do my part, unless I act - perhaps I'll continue in the same life I've had.

Love is a verb, it's not a noun.  We are each given a limited amount of time and not told how long that gift will last, and for many yesterday morning.. it ended so incredibly early in their lives.

I don't have the answers, I don't know what can be done to prevent it.. but I do know that today I can make the stand and say I choose to not be a part of the problem, to reach out to those that need it.  One person may not make a difference - but as city, a community, an entire world, every big change starts with something small.

P.S. This is a look I mashed together from stuff I have - some of it's somewhat current but a lot of it's not so I'm not sure if it's still available or not!

Skin - Al Vulo - Eleanor Sons of Flowers (Group gift- FREE)
Eyes - A&M Sweet and Sour Eyes in Apple
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Floppy Hat (From the Zombie Popcorn 3 hunt)
Shirt: Bleh (now Barn Owl) -  Pump Fists
Gloves - Razorblade Jacket - plain black gloves (from a hunt item)
Boots - Whatever Military Boots in Black
War Paint: Yayo - War Paint in Black (Full Body) (Store is closed)
Makeup: [Mock] camoflaging phredre eyeshadow

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pixie Gizmo

So I've recently brushed off an alt that I've had for awhile and threw a look together of some random finds.  It was fun to have such a clean slate for an inventory.

Skin: Envious KiKi Pale Smoke (With Love Hunt)
Shape: My own custom shape
Hair: LOQ Cobbler - Black (VIP Group Gift - $150L Join)
Eyes: Exodi - Riven Eyes in Fire
Makeup: [Mock] Pandora Lashes in Noir, [Mock] Licorice Whips Makeover, [Mock] Vitrail Lip
Glass in Black Licorice (size 2)
Jacket & Leg Wraps: (Part of) Barely Legal Little Mischevious ( HYIS Hunt Gift - Partial Mesh )
Body Suit: { BoobieLicious} Your Inner Slut Outfit (Part of) (HYIS Hunt Gift)
Shoes: [Whatever] Georgina Shoes in Black (55 Linden Friday)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Punk as Disco

I had so much fun talking to the very sweet TrinityRaine Jacoby - owner of Trinite, and also instantly fell in love with her cute store called Trinite.  I saw these pants and knew instantly - I had to blog them, and soon.

Skin : Anxiety - Candy Bitch (Group Gift - FREE)

Shape: The Bacon Lady - Elizah

Eyes: Exodi - Riven Eyes (Gold)

Hair: LoQ - Ouzo - Hypnotic Red

Jacket: Maai - Ani Jacket

Tank: Plastik - Kuhra Tank - Thermal Black

Pants: Trinite - Graphic Red (Part Of) (Group Gift - FREE)

Boots: Whatever - Military Boots (Black) (Fi*Friday - $55L)

Necklace: -Attic- Munching Deer Necklace (Fi*Friday - $55L)

Makeup:  [Mock] Miss Vanity Eyeshadow with Lashes [lemony], [Mock] Winged Vashsta Orgueil Rogue Makeover, [Mock] Mizu Thunderbird Lip Gloss, [Mock] Blush - Leather

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Kitten

Mostly inspired by the very sad closing of Urban Dare - everything in the store is marked down to $10L so get there while you can - the store closes on December 1st.

Skin : Al Vulo - Eleonor *Son of Flowers* (Group Gift - FREE)

Shape: The Bacon Lady - Elizah

Eyes: Adam and Eve Mesh Eyes - Fawn (Free Wearable Demo)

Hair: Elikatira - Something - Brown 08

Outfit: INNUENDO  Italian Style - *Glitter*  (Monochrome Hunt - Silver Lining - $5L)

Tattoo: Urban Dare - Tiger Strips (Tinted Brown) (Closing Sale: $10L)

Makeup:  [Mock] Peachy Pinky Hypershine, [Mock] Winged Liner in Fade to Gray, [Mock] Winter Rainbow Collection Blush [Terra Rosa], [Mock] Clear Lipgloss, [Mock] Andromeda Lashes [noir]

Pose Taken from : Urban Dare: AO Female - Chill ($10L Closing Sale)